135 List

Introducing the all new 135 List, a project owned and created by Bonify!

Wait... What's a 1-3-5 List?!

A 1-3-5 list uses the 1-3-5 productivity technique conceived by the Daily Muse which encourages organizing your day into bite sized tasks and prioritizing them into 3 buckets: 1 big thing, 3 medium things, and 5 small things. Using a 1-3-5 list during your work day forces you to take what normally amounts to a shotgun blast of things you have to do and turn your attention to a limited and achievable list of tasks for the day.

Since the first post by the Daily Muse in 2013, the technique has gathered a following and has been covered by numerous blogs and media outlets like Entrepreneur magazine (check out the nod to our first site on both those articles).

Our original 1-3-5 List site started as a simple to-do list that was built in a day. It could store tasks and you could mark them as complete, but not much else.

All New from the Ground Up

We've recently rebuilt the app from the ground up, and we're happy to release it to the world!

We've added a whole bunch of new features so you now have the ability to:

  • Create multiple lists, from simple shopping lists to additional 1-3-5 lists
  • Create unlimited tasks
  • Create custom headings, handy for those new custom lists
  • Re-arrange headings and tasks painlessly
  • Keyboard shortcuts to quickly create tasks, move through the task list, complete and delete tasks
  • Print lists that look great on paper
  • Create and manage lists on any device

The latest version of this app is built with modern web technologies, including Ruby on Rails for the backend and React.js for the front-end. By utilizing your browser's local storage it can run entirely in your browser and works completely offline. Yes, even if you're on your phone or computer and lose your connection, the app will save your changes. We've even put great care into the mobile-first interface to make it intuitive and work great on any device.

Check out 135 List to start using the app instantly. No sign-up or login required!