About Us

What does Bonify mean?

Pronounced bon-if-eye, the word isn't found in most modern dictionaries, but it was defined in the 1913 version of Webster's Dictionary as a verb meaning "To convert into, or make, good."

Bonify is a Manchester, NH based web development agency started by two senior Drupal web developers who wanted to make the web better.

About our founders

John Carbone, Managing Partner
John comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and grew up in the midst of a family business. Over the past seven years John has helped scores of Drupal clients ranging from national brands to startups. His experience includes custom development, project management, maintenance, migrations, major upgrades and more. He's currently enjoying the intersection of web development and entrepreneurship and is focused on the business side of Bonify.
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Daniel Pepin, Partner & Solutions Architect
Dan leads the technical side of Bonify. He is a gifted coder and Acquia Certified Developer who thrives on tough challenges. His natural ability to break down problems and develop usable solutions in short order never ceases to amaze clients. He is an active member of the Drupal community and has contributed several modules, including the QUI module. Some of his specialties include PHP, Drupal, HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Less, MySQL, JavaScript, jQuery & AJAX.
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