Experts in Drupal Development

Bonify is active in the Drupal community and has authored several community modules from scratch, contributed to Drupal Core through patches, and assists others in the Drupal forums and issue queues.

Shopify eCommerce

We built the Shopify eCommerce module because we felt that running an eCommerce store on Drupal was more difficult than it needed to be. The Shopify eCommerce module is a marriage of the best parts of the Shopify service with the best parts of Drupal. Customers browse products and select items in Drupal. Checkout, payment, and order fulfillment happen in Shopify. Learn more about the project at

Query UI (QUI)

One of the most complex modules we've built is the dynamic query building admin interface called Query UI. The module is flexible in both the interface, and under the hood. It allows admin users to build custom reports that can pull and display data in a multitude of formats, such as HTML tables, JSON, XML and CSV. It even allows developers to extend the system in a variety of ways by customizing the output and formats to suit their needs. Query UI reports can also be used as an API, allowing 3rd party tools/services to access the specific data that an admin has made available through the interface. Additionally, Query UI can also access and display data from databases outside of Drupal.

Menu Item Fields

A common frustration with Drupal's menu system is that menu items can't have arbitrary fields attached to them. This means that Drupal's powerful system for adding custom fields like images and text can't be applied to menu items! Bonify solved this problem and created a flexible solution which allows administrators to create fields for menu items and control how they are displayed. This module is a crucial step in building "mega menus" that may include images, additional links, references to other content, etc.

Box View API

Previewing different types of documents within your browser is a classic problem, as old as the web itself. Collectively, previewing PDFs in your browser has been mostly solved, but what about embedding a preview of a PDF within the content of an HTML page, or previewing any of the other document types, like Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets? Box solved this problem but alas, there was no integration with Drupal or even any PHP SDK Library for a regular PHP developer to use to access the Box View API. Not only did Bonify build the Drupal module that integrates with Box View, but we also built the PHP SDK Library that Box View recommends on their site.

Health Status

There are many ways to monitor a website's uptime and page response times, but, what about monitoring custom functionality and APIs built into complex Drupal sites? We created an easy-to-integrate-with Health status module for this purpose. The module makes it simple for developers to integrate custom tests/checks and display pass/fail statuses on one simple dashboard. is an online, cloud-based caching and message queue service. We built the simple-to-integrate module that uses their public API. This module abstracts API functions into simple calls that developers love.

Community Involvement

We love Drupal and we love the Drupal community. We show this love by not only contributing whole modules back to Drupal, but also by helping fix core Drupal issues and contributing patches to fix issues in other contributed modules.

Here is a short list of some the issues we are actively working on:


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