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See how Bonify built a simple and beautiful task manager using Drupal
A Productivity Experiment Using
Cutting Edge Technology

At Bonify we're always interested in trying new technologies. The old 1-3-5 productivity method website was one that Dan had put together in a day and forgotten about. Years later, the extremely simple site still had traction but folks had always wanted more functionality.

In early 2015 we were looking for a fun lab experiment that would let us try out React.js and decided to make a full-blown web application for 1-3-5. 

The end result is a deceptively simple web app that leverages React.js for the user interface and is integrated with Stripe.com for payment collection. The site also sends Slack messages to our company channel to keep us informed of when events happen like payments and upgrades.

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  • Technical Planning
  • Web Design
  • Responsive Development
  • React.js Development
  • Drupal Development
  • Stripe Payment Integration
  • Slack Message Integration
A Beautiful Design
Simple, Fast, Responsive

“I love this app. It's my homepage for chrome.”

- Joshua W. (135 List user)

Our Thoughts
What's Not To Love?

It's rare that we get to build sites for ourselves instead of for clients. I had a blast playing every role in a development project all at once. 

This was also my first opportunity to build a subscription site that integrated with Stripe.com for payments and I had a ton of fun writing that functionality.

I smile every time our 135 Slack channel posts a message saying it made us a few bucks too.


Building 135 List was a new experience for Bonify. It was our first attempt at integrating React.js (v0.13.3) with Drupal 7.

The custom integration was challenging, but fun, and gave us a lot of opportunity to try new things that nobody else was doing.

I think it goes to show just how powerful and adaptable Drupal can be.