ETS Dynatrend

From Low Confidence
To High ROI.

See how Bonify turned around a stock market software site
Website Rebuild for
ETS Dynatrend

When we first talked to Dynatrend's founder he expressed grave misgivings about the site that was originally built for him by another vendor. We started with a site audit and documented the concerns.

As we fixed problem after problem the customer knew we could be trusted and expanded the scope of work to include two integrations and a redesign.

The old site used Ubercart for ecommerce and did not work with subscriptions. Administration was unbearable and the whole system wasn't very stable. The customer wanted the site to tie together with both a better system for ecommerce subscriptions, and his custom server for managing subscriber access.

The end result is a custom ecommerce solution that works perfectly for our client and his users, by replacing Ubercart with a "from scratch" custom ecommerce subscription solution that integrates with for payment, as well as the customer's proprietary access system.

  • Site Audit
  • Technical Architecture
  • Technical Project Management
  • Content Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Design Consulting
  • Front-end Architecture
  • Integration
  • Proprietary System Integration
Getting The Message Across With
A New Home Page

The original site didn't quickly convey what it was, or who it was for. Additionally the site didn't feel very sophisticated and was a mis-match with the software.

With a new look and feel as well as a new logo the site now very quickly tells the visitor what it's purpose is and how it can help them.

“I was blown away by how much the Bonify team accomplished in such a short time span. The level of talent is just amazing.

- Fenton Varney (President of ETS Dynatrend)

Giving Back
The Stripe API Module

As with most projects, we found that there was room in the Drupal ecosystem for another Bonify open source contribution.

When we started on the custom ecommerce section of the site we found that while a Stripe module existed, it did much more than we wanted and made many assumptions.

We developed and contributed back the new Stripe API module designed as a tool for other developers to quickly access Stripe's own API functions from their projects.

You can learn more about the project on

What We Think
Our Take

When you can take over a site that the customer feels like they got burned on and turn it into something they're excited about, it's a great feeling.

I loved working with Fenton and hearing his excitement as we fixed and improved things. I wish I'd kept track of all the nice things he had to say.

When Fenton first approached Bonify about making some improvements to his website, it was a lot to take in. His existing website's design was tough to look at and wasn't following Drupal Coding Standards.

It was a huge technological undertaking to get the site to where it is now, but in the end, the new site is sexier, faster, easier to navigate, and accomplishes all of Fenton's business objectives.