We solve the following problems for our clients:

Lack of Strong Leadership for Drupal Projects

When Drupal is the perfect fit for a project, but there are significant risks and many unknowns you need much more than just “developers”.

Overwhelmed, Under-skilled or Non-existent Development Team

It’s challenging to find and retain great Drupal developers. There’s far more Drupal work out there than seasoned Drupal workers. It’s easy to end up understaffed when it comes to the implementation of your Drupal project.

Disconnected and Cumbersome Systems

Do you find yourself copying and pasting data from your site into other places? Maybe you need data moved into your CRM or an Order Management System? Those manual processes are time-consuming and error-prone.

Reaching the Upper Limits of Shopify

If you’re pushing the limits with Shopify you know that it can only do so much. If you’ve hit that ceiling you know it’s a painful collision.

Frustration With Drupal Commerce or Ubercart

If you're using either of these e-commerce systems on Drupal, you've undoubtedly looked at Shopify as an alternative but don't want to completely abandon Drupal to make that happen.

Available Services

Discovery, Roadmapping & Technical Planning

When you’re not 100% certain what you need, starting with Discovery, Roadmapping & Technical Planning is ideal. We interview you and find out where you’re starting from, where you need to be and determine how to get you there. Planning culminates in a technical specification that’s used as the guide for your project. Specs run anywhere from 5 to 30+ pages and are portable, so they can be developed by any team. This high-value engagement allows you to see if there’s a good mutual fit without a big commitment. You’re free to take the deliverables and shop your project around.

Pricing is just $750 for an initial consultation, roadmapping session & report. The complete package, including deep discovery and technical planning, is 10% of your total estimated project cost.

End-to-End Custom Drupal Development

If you need an Drupal entire site from scratch, a custom module, new custom theme or even your own distribution, we can get you there.

Pricing for a new Drupal site starts at $15,000.

Ongoing Consulting & Development

For projects that are constantly in motion, Bonify's retainer program is a great fit. We meet with your team for one hour per week, set goals for the following week, answer questions and remove roadblocks. During the following week, we prepare a deployment with the week's deliverables.

Pricing starts at $2,000 per month.

Shopify For Drupal Consulting

Bonify created the Shopify Ecommerce integration for Drupal. We are available for consulting on your project to help you understand the possibilities, then plan and execute your Shopify Drupal integration.

Pricing starts at $750 for a consultation, roadmapping session, and report. Pricing for completed solutions varies, depending on the outcome of the initial consultation.

Drupal Integrations

We specialize in integrating systems with Drupal sites to create highly connected sites and experiences that push and pull data from all sorts of platforms. We can integrate existing documented systems or architect a custom integration from scratch.

Pricing for integrations starts at $5,000.

Development Partnerships for Design Agencies

You’ve got the vision, but not the technical skills. Bonify partners with your design agency, working with your design team as the development arm of your project. You provide the design and UX leadership, project management, and testing, we provide technical planning and discovery, and all development from inception to launch and beyond. Bonify, your team, and your client will collaborate openly to plan and execute the project.

Pricing varies widely depending on the project but starts at $5,000.

White Label for Development Agencies

You’re shorthanded. Bonify partners with your development agency to ease the workload when you’re too busy. You provide a sitemap, wireframes and designs, we build the site and white label it for you, for a fixed price.

Pricing varies widely depending on the project but projects start at $5,000.

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