Announcing Our New Website.

We have been hard at work building a modern, beautiful Drupal site. Since our launch in June we haven't had a lot of time to devote to company projects. We are excited to finally have the first version of our own Drupal 7 site live to the world!

Keeping it real. Simple.

When planning out a website it is very easy to get carried away with crazy feature ideas and over-the-top design without function. Our site is simple because it should be simple. There is no need to complicate matters.

We are hosted on Pantheon, and that means our site is lightning fast, utilizing Varnish caching. We are able to do automated backups, staged releases, version control, redis caching, and more!

We built our custom theme using Bourbon, Bitters, and Neat. The Bourbon suite, maintained by the amazing thoughtbot team, provides a lightweight set of tools for building responsive websites.

Bourbon Graphic

100% More Blog.

We finally have our own blog to share our (sometimes silly) ideas with the world! You can subscribe to our RSS feed, or just visit once in a while. We try to keep the posts interesting. Whether you're looking to have a site built, learn more about Drupal, or you're a hardcore developer, we will have interesting content for you.

Literally, More Awesome.

We are using less graphics to keep pages fast and utilizing the Font Awesome library. Font Awesome is basically a font that, instead of just normal, boring characters, it adds awesome characters that scale perfectly.

Developers Need Apply.

We now have a section for careers, detailing our requirements for senior Drupal developers. We're always looking for new talent, especially if you're in Manchester, NH. If you are a junior developer or would like to intern, let us know.

A Lot More Detail.

We've paid attention to detail building out our new site. The site responds beautifully on any device. We've updated our logo, working at a pixel level to ensure perfection.


We've refined the animation on our homepage. We've paid greater attention to typography. We've tested various typography styles for the blog and have found, what we believe, is extremely readable type with minimum eye fatigue.

We've minimized the use of Javascript to keep page load time under a second. We've utilized CSS transitions and transforms to accomplish visual details rather than using JS.

We've worked with the most popular browsers, on and off the desktop, to ensure overall compatibility. We apologize to IE8 users however, but you really should upgrade.

More Personal.

We've updated our about page with more information about Bonify and its founders. You'll also be able to follow and read our developer's blog posts. You can follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Thanks for checking us out!