Bonify Partners With Pantheon

Pantheon Silver Partner

We are very excited to be partnering with Pantheon, one of the premier hosting providers specializing in Drupal!

As Pantheon says, "Hosting is dead," and when we use Pantheon for hosting we don't have to spend countless hours setting up development environments, caching servers, setting up databases, managing SSH access, creating version control workflows, etc... Pantheon handles all of this as part of hosting with them.

Bonify builds Drupal sites that hit both ends of the spectrum, from small business sites to enterprise applications, and Pantheon can handle them all. Not only that, but we love Pantheon's flexible pricing model, simple and easy-to-use dashboard, and development tools. When our projects are hosted on Pantheon, many common hosting concerns are handled for us. That frees us up to spend more time focusing on delivering value to our customers and less time managing servers.

The Bottom Line

Hosting with Pantheon saves our clients money, our developers love working with the Pantheon interface and tools, and no one worries about the servers. They are seriously our favorite hosting provider.