Introducing Bonify Activity Reports

I know, I know, geeks speak jibberish most of the time. If you've ever seen a bill from your web development company that had a line item like "SOLR & Tika Setup" and wondered what in the world that had to do with your project's goals and why you're paying for it, then you'll be interested in our new Activity Reports.

On a web development project it's difficult to make sure that every stakeholder understands what's going on. The CEO doesn't need to know technical details, they just need the 30,000 foot view of the project. What's going on, how it's progressing over time, and what value they got for the invoice they're looking at. Bonify Activity Reports are the answer to this pervasive problem.

Now with every invoice we also send an Activity Report. The report takes the form of a few readable paragraphs and gives clients the insight and recommendations they need to make smart decisions about their project. Over time, a complete history of the project is created, perfect for those internal budget and project review meetings!

Activity Report