One Project, Two Firsts: Our Drupal 8 Shopify App

We had been itching to get our hands dirty with a custom Drupal 8 project for a while, but no client projects made sense for it. At this stage in the Drupal 8 lifecycle, projects that would rely heavily on contributed modules aren't a great fit for Drupal 8 yet because the community is still catching up and reworking most existing modules to upgrade them for Drupal 8. Our other ongoing client work is for big existing Drupal 7 sites that aren't ready to upgrade so there were no good prospects there either. Then it hit us. We saw a big opportunity. You might remember, a few months back we released the Shopify/Drupal integration module to the world, first on Drupal 7, then for 8. Over time, we've naturally had folks asking about how they can use the module on their project, and why they might want to. This lead to some very interesting conversations revolving around what Shopify can and can't do. We found ourselves saying over and over again "Shopify isn't a great Content Management System. You can't even add your own fields to it." Then one day a couple weeks ago it dawned on us. Why not quench our thirst for building a Drupal 8 site and fill what we saw as a big hole in Shopify at the same time?! It was a perfect candidate project. It wouldn't rely on contributed modules at all. Well... none we didn't build anyway. ;) A totally custom Drupal 8 project that Bonify is the client for, that could create recurring revenue for us? Perfect! We dove in head first and started banging it out. When we came up for air a couple days ago, we'd built out what we believe will be an incredibly useful Shopify app. Never before had store owners been able to (easily) create structured fields. Today they can. With a few clicks they can add their own rich text fields, select lists, checkboxes, and a whole lot more, wherever they might need it. Soon they'll even be able to add images and edit them an image editor, and upload files like PDFs. We see the app as a project that propels Shopify much closer to being a Content Management System than it has been before. Shopify will never be a complete Drupal replacement, but with our app release yesterday it can emulate one of Drupal's most critical components... The ability to add arbitrary fields to Shopify pages, blog posts and products. We're super excited to see what the Shopify world does with this app. Want to know more? Check out the app listing on Shopify. UPDATE: We were guests on The Unofficial Shopify Podcast chatting about this app and our Drupal/Shopify integration module. Listen in to hear more about this project.