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Getting Into Shape
Corporate Website & Content Migration

The heart of one of the largest YMCA's


YMCA Boston's old site was using an old version of Drupal (Drupal 6) and visitors shared headaches with the site administrators with regard to site architecture decisions. The site and technology was dated, but that was only the start of it. Once a visitor entered into a YMCA location "Space" within the site, they'd be stuck there! Admins found themselves constantly creating and posting the same content in every location "Space".


Take stroll over to the new YMCA of Greater Boston to see admins updating the home page with fresh content and messaging almost daily. Check out the location pages to see streamlined presentation of location information. Search for a program or class and register using the integrated Trumba events calendar and YMCA's custom program registration system and program search.

Technical Specification
Project Planning
Drupal Development
Custom Module Development
Responsive Design
Content Migration
Trumba Integration
Proprietary System Integration
How We Did It

Migrating Content From Drupal 6 to 7

This migration was unique. Even though the site was built on Drupal 6, we started fresh with Drupal 7 and only brought forward the best parts of the old site.

Through years of using the old site a great deal of valuable content was created, but much of it was redundant or didn't map cleanly to the new streamlined architecture.

To bridge the gap we first exported the metadata for all existing content, such as page title and url into a spreadsheet. 

We then worked with YMCA to help them prune content and mark it as keep or purge in the spreadsheet.

Next we piped that final list through a custom migration that neatly brought forward the valuable parts of the existing content, metatags, and images into the correct places in the new site.

Active and Mobile

Trim and Fit for any Screen

“One of my favorite parts of this build is the ability to customize and reuse promo tiles across the site. When you see a client updating their home page content constantly, you know you nailed it.”

- John Carbone (Bonify's Managing Partner)

Giving Back

Menu Fields Module

The design for this site called for a "mega menu" with promo tiles embedded in it.

This was a familiar problem and we knew there was an opportunity to give the solution back.

It was surprising that no module existed in the Drupal community to add Drupal fields to menu items but thanks to Bonify's work on the YMCA project, there is now. Have a look at Menu Item Fields on

Fun Challenges Galore

I thoroughly enjoyed this project because of the unique requirements.

We began with listening to the stakeholders, designers and UX team to create a technical specification that was going to deliver on the hopes and promises made. Specs are always fun because they're a mental chess match. How far ahead can you think a solution through? Have you covered the edge cases? 

Masterminding the migration strategy and seeing all the parts congeal together at the end was immensely satisfying. Having a contributed module be born out of this project was just a huge treat as well. 

The YMCA of Greater Boston project is a great example of what Bonify excels at. We build amazing Drupal sites.

This doesn't just mean a good looking site that runs well, it means that we build a site that satisfies all the customer's needs. With multiple 3rd party integrations and a unique admin interface that allow their administrators to easily modify promo tiles across the site and manage different tile sizes and image styles, it was a huge improvement over their existing site.

It was also a fairly easy transition for them since Bonify migrated all their Drupal 6 content into the new Drupal 7 site.