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Quickly create workflows that are as unique as your business.

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This app is absolutely fantastic. With the ability to use workflows with subworkflows and hit Shopify's API, you can automate just about anything within Shopify...
Automate Routine Tasks

Do more, faster. Trigger custom emails, add tags, update Metafields, change prices, track returns and, much more. Over 60 built-in actions. Point and click workflow builder.

Dozens of Prebuilt Automations

100+ pre-built automations for a wide range of uses from sending Slack messages or creating Trello cards to custom Shopify API requests. Point and click workflow builder with code access.

Flexibility to Automate More

Deep access to all of your Shopify data points. Access to hundreds of data points, 350+ personalization tokens, 12 integrations, batch updates, and scheduled workflows.

Arigato is a flexible, powerful, and well-connected task automation app

Are you holding your business back from growing because repetitive tasks are a bottleneck? You could be growing your business instead of worrying about menial tasks. Merchants using Arigato have saved themselves thousands of hours of work.

Arigato is your personal robot Virtual Assistant

He can listen for any event or condition in your store and act on it. Get out of the trenches and regain time to focus on growing your business!

What can Arigato do for you?

Arigato can do 65+ different actions in thousands of different configurations. For example:

  • Capture payments
  • Send emails through GMail or SMTP
  • Add rows to Google Sheets
  • Set metafield for any resource

Check out our automation library for many, many more ideas.

Build & test complex workflows with ease

Create very simple to very complex multi-step workflows with ease. Code your own custom conditions or actions if needed.

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