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A leap of faith from Drupal 6 to Drupal 8
for Brattleboro Retreat

Recovery from addiction and treatment of other mental health conditions takes compassion, experience, and fortitude. The Brattleboro Retreat is a nationally-recognized not-for-profit mental health and treatment center. It was founded in 1834, yet has always been forward thinking with its approach.

With that mindset, they brought Bonify onboard to develop, design, and build their dynamic new website—from strategy to launch.

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How We Did It

From Strategy to Launch

The entire team of Bonify worked hand-in-hand with the Brattleboro Retreat staff to evaluate their website needs including audiences, existing content, technologies, and online brand presence. There is a whole community of psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, nurses, and support staff that make Brattleboro Retreat an incredible place for inpatient and outpatient care. It's not your typical centralized hospital—and this isn't a typical website. We added little extra touches to ensure this site is as special as the people who are part of their community, including an online style guide so the website can continue as designed.

A message of hope

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Site Architecture

What Goes Where? And Why?

The staff at Brattleboro Retreat had created a vast collection of articles, program materials, and videos that were used on their previous websites. Bonify conducted a comprehensive content audit leveraging their previous site analytics to help them strategically hone in what people need to know. We then developed various mechanisms to map and dynamically present relevant content—at the right time, in the right place—using a flexible combination of tagging and direct references.

"We were blown away by how fast the staff at Brattleboro Retreat created new landing pages with dynamic content that made good use of the features and style guide we created."

- John Carbone (Managing Partner, Bonify)

Smart Content

Easy to Add, Manage, and Automate

Because recovery and treatment is an active process, it's essential to keep this website constantly up to date and relevant. We built a smartly-considered CMS tailored for Brattleboro Retreat staff to easily create and edit content, including the ability to create new landing pages with responsive accordions and other content components, like sliders and image galleries. Site editors can re-use and cross-reference content throughout the site by referencing relevant topics.

Content workflow processes were carefully considered—the website staff at the Brattleboro Retreat has both the power and the flexibility to create content and manage the website on their own, without constant help from developers.

We're Here To Help

Almost 10 years ago—long before I co-founded Bonify—I personally built the Drupal 6 website that preceded this site, while working at another firm. It was a treat to be asked by Brattleboro Retreat to redesign and build their new Drupal 8 website after all these years, using the newest technologies and best practices.

We were very excited to deliver a much-needed modern website to the Brattleboro Retreat. With new ways to manage content and features, their new Drupal 8 site is far more user-friendly for site administrators and visitors alike.