Send Data from Shopify to Google Sheets in Real Time
Forget about waiting for exports

Your Shopify data at your fingertips, whenever you need it

Real-Time Shopify store data sent directly to your own Google Sheets spreadsheets. Fetch data from over 2500 data points in Shopify.

Are you struggling with your Shopify data? 
Does this sound familiar? Run an export from one app, wait and wait for it to finish, run an export from somewhere else. Merge the data together. Manipulate the new spreadsheet to get the data points you need. Copy formulas from one sheet to another. Repeat. 

Bonify’s Google Sheets integration can help
What if you could always have a current copy of your critical data points? What if you never had to worry if your spreadsheet had stale data again? 

What can our integration do for you?
You can synchronize order data including payments and fulfillments, product data including metafields, customer data, and much more. Set up the integration once, then run a synchronization task one time, after that, as the data changes in your store, your spreadsheet will automatically update.

Here are a few examples

  • Send new orders to a spreadsheet when they are paid.
  • Send new customers to a spreadsheet if they meet your criteria.
  • Keep a current product spreadsheet with variants and metafields.
  • Track fulfillments 
  • Track transactions

Thousands of Data Points

Use our token system to locate any data points you might need and send them to your Sheet. 

Your data, your way

Send only the data you need, formatted exactly how you want it.

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