Bonify's work enables world-famous musicians to sell merch direct to their fans.
Shopify, Drupal & Rock & Roll
Enterprise-level eCommerce

Road Map with MVP for a global music company

One of the world's leading music companies asked Bonify to determine viable ways to integrate their existing fleet of Drupal websites running on Acquia Site Factory with Shopify to create and manage a digital ecosystem for their roster of iconic musicians worldwide.

The ability to quickly launch new websites for up-and-coming musical acts while also enhancing existing sites for music legends was key. 

Shopify + Drupal
eCommerce Technical Consulting
Road Map
Risk Assessment & Mitigation
Installation Profile Review
MVP for Proof of Concept
Gap Analysis & Recommendations
Major Improvement

Before & After


A Hodgepodge of Tech

Some Separate Shopify, Some Drupal Commerce
Slow to market


An Integrated Ecosystem

Deeply Integrated Shopify + Drupal
Cross Marketing Shopify Products in Drupal
Streamlined Management Flow

How We Did It

Enhancing a Crucial Revenue Stream

Merchandise is a crucial revenue stream in the music industry. Behind each artist is a fleet of websites tethered seamlessly, for each artist to have a direct connection to their fanbase to sell products directly to. When merchandise is sold in the context of an artists' branded site, revenues often increase dramatically.

Previously our clients' ecosystem was a hodgepodge of systems, as some e-commerce sites were a combination of Shopify and Drupal, while others merch sites were all-in-one Drupal sites using Drupal Commerce. The lack of having a cohesive system was painful—both technologically and administratively—creating lost opportunities for merchandise sales and profit margins.

Road Map and MVP

How a POC can make all the difference

Bonify did an audit of the music company's existing site infrastructure and created a Road Map—which included a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for Proof of Concept, to minimize risk. With that, we gave our client the tools to streamline their eCommerce ecosystem by deeply integrating Shopify into Drupal. This enabled them to rapidly launch new artist sites on Acquia’s Site Factory website hosting platform—and begin selling merchandise immediately.

Bonify's work addressed the largest and most risky concerns for the client—and is a great example of how a RoadMap and MVP can be extremely beneficial to the success of a project.

Giving Back

Shopify Drupal Module

We've worked with Drupal Commerce and noticed how backend management can be frustrating. So we created a Shopify Module for the Drupal community to use. It combines the streamlined backend of Shopify with the power and flexibility of Drupal. Have a look at our Shopify Module on

To learn more about the benefits of using Shopify for Drupal, go to our