A website that will evolve as the company evolves.
Built for an IPO
Corporate Website

Building trust while building a dynamic website.

The front-end design was done by a PR firm. Bonify was asked to make it happen. Because of Quanterix impending IPO, this was a high-stakes project for everyone involved. We not only built an enterprise-level Drupal site with multiple third-party integrations (and security precautions), we also gained the trust of Quanterix management as they asked us to continue being technical advisors as the site evolves.

See the site built by Bonify at quanterix.com

Drupal 8 Backend Development
Drupal Theme Development
Custom Animations
Pardot Integration
Customer Forums
How We Did It

Building a site that was ready for their IPO

In November 2017, Quanterix had its Initial Public Offering on NASDAQ, raising more than $70-million. Bonify was instrumental to build their new corporate website, so it was at the ready for this momentous occasion. We worked hand-in-hand with Quanterix management and their PR firm to ensure the site was built right, launched on time, and has plenty of 'bells and whistles' that improve the high-stakes profile of this cutting-edge molecular diagnostics company.

Ongoing Technical Advisors

Guiding a site that is constantly evolving

There are no shortages of ideas and activities for online marketing of a publicly-traded company. While we provided the tools and frameworks for the Quanterix marketing team to have active ownership of the entire site, they've asked Bonify to continue being technical advisors for the ongoing updates and adjustments to ensure things continue to run smoothly. Not only do they trust Bonify, but they rely on us to move at a pace of company that just had an IPO with rapid changes. Whenever they ask "can we do this?" we pretty much always say yes—because we know how to make it happen for them.