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Technical Roadmaps

Whether you're looking to revamp, reconfigure, or scale up your Drupal ecosystem, we explore what's possible and determine how to get you there.

How It Works

  • We articulate the problem accurately
  • We interview you and select team members
  • We review existing systems
  • We synthesize our findings
  • We recommend sensible solutions
  • We send you a PDF with details of above
  • We meet with you to review our findings
  • You get a clear path forward
  • You determine how to proceed (with or without us)

"I feel like I just went through therapy!"

~ Donald Emery, Business Owner

Asking the right questions

We conduct multiple in-depth interviews with select members of your team to get their take on the issues at hand. We get a thorough understanding of what resources are available, what obstacles might get in the way, and what are the best possible outcomes. A few days after our investigating, we provide you with our Road Map Report and a follow-up conversation to clarify further.

Giving you a clear path forward

Our methodical process, high-level synthesis, and well-considered recommendations are way beyond providing you with a PDF that documents our findings and tailored solutions. Whether the end game is to save money or to make money for your organization, you will have a clear understanding of what needs to be done, why it's being done, and how to proceed.

The price is right

Bonify's Road Map fees are modest. Our clients will testify that it's a worthwhile investment before taking a big leap with a big budget on a big project. Equally important is that the Road Map is YOURS. There is no obligation to work with Bonify to execute. You can choose to do the work in-house, hire a different vendor, or re-engage with Bonify. We want you to have peace of mind knowing you're moving forward for good reason in a sensible way.


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