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Supercharge your Shopify site with apps that do more.
So you can do less. And earn more.
  • Take time-sucking tasks off your hands
  • Automate logistics and fulfillment
  • Automate messaging
  • Update store tags and customer records automatically
  • Easy installation with assistance available from world-class support team
Enterprise-Ready Apps.
Trusted by 10,000+ Companies.
Businesses worldwide trust Bonify with their stores every day because of our proven track record for reliability, innovation, and best-in-class support.
Uplevel Your Site with Automation
Arigato, the Automation App

Arigato Automation is a flexible workhorse that can run your site’s most menial tasks.

Take advantage of pre-built workflows or create custom ones.

Includes tons of out-of-the-box integrations (including Trello, Slack, Google Sheets, and more), and test it all in real time. 


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>100M Actions Run Per Month

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Avg. 4.9 Star Rating

I'm new to Shopify, and the developer for the Bonify Apps have been a tremendous help. We don't have a web developer on staff, and this team has helped me with some advanced problems. This automation app is a must have for any store that needs custom fields and automatic triggers/actions. Thanks! 
–ESSDACK Marketplace

Other Bonify Apps for Fine-Tuning Your Site’s Customers, Details, and Data

Custom Fields

The feature-rich app that powers custom themes and backend data for stores large and small.

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Send real-time store data to Google Sheets and get a current look at critical data points.

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Customer Account Fields

Create rich profiles and custom data points for your customers.

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Automation Experts.
Trusted Partners.

We're Automation Aficionados

We've helped almost 11,000 business over the last 5 years on the Shopify App store. We've seen it all and solved it all.

We're Here For You

Our knowledgeable and dedicated support staff have undergone months of training on every imaginable aspect of our apps. When you need help, our friendly and competent support staff will guide you.

We Partner With Pros

When you need dedicated resources, our vetted and trustworthy partners are well-versed in customizing our apps to meet your challenging needs.

What People Are Saying
Arigato Automation
This app has saved us hundreds of hours (aka $$$) with automating customer service workflows and I feel like we've barely scratched the surface. The team is super responsive and has helped us create automations that we (frankly) thought were impossible. Probably the best app I can think of for a SMB that's strapped for time and resources but wants big impact.

Custom Fields
This a highly important app that I use on a daily basis. Honestly, it should be native to Shopify already, but this is just perfect. Also, I have to mention that their support is incredibly responsive and helpful, which is all-too-rare among many other app developers...

-JigSaw Records
Arigato Automation
The devs are so promptly helpful and patient, and I can feel how eager they are to improve their app base on the user experience.

-Yostar Official Store
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