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Automate menial tasks so you can focus your attention on the big picture.

5 star 5 Stars on Shopify

This app has been a GAME CHANGER for me and my business

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5 star 5 Stars on Shopify

This app is absolutely fantastic. You can automate just about anything within Shopify...


Automate Routine or Menial Tasks

Do more, faster. Trigger custom emails, send data to Airtable, update store and customer data, and, much more. 40 built-in actions with dozens of tokens for customization. Easy workflow builder.

Dozens of Prebuilt Automations

100+ pre-built automations makes for easy setup. Utilize built-in connections to Slack messages or creating Trello cards to custom Shopify API requests. 

Flexibility to Automate More

Deep access to all of your Shopify data points. Access to hundreds of data points, personalization tokens, lots of common integrations like Slack, Trello, Google Sheets, Gmail, Twilio, and many more.

Arigato is a flexible, powerful, and highly integratable task automation app

Build workflows that save you time, money, and headaches. Retain customers through easier customer service and automated messages. Organize your store with bulk updates and automatic product or customer updates.

Most importantly: Spend more time working on what matters most.

Arigato is your personal robot Virtual Assistant

He can listen for any event or condition in your store and act on it. Get out of the trenches and regain time to focus on growing your business!

What can Arigato do for you?

Arigato can do 65+ different actions in thousands of different configurations. For example:

  • Capture payments
  • Send emails through Gmail or SMTP
  • Add rows or data to Google Sheets
  • Update product, customer, or site data

Check out our automation library for many, many more ideas. 

Go Deep with Shopify REST and GraphQL
A framework to solve your most unique problems
Rapidly develop custom Shopify API Requests
Process Shopify response data using Subworkflows
Take total control using Custom Actions
Make GraphQL Queries & Change Data using GraphQL Mutations
AI Chatbot provides quick coaching and tips to guide you
Use Twig code and use thousands of token values
Learn more about using Shopify API Requests in Arigato
Build & test complex workflows with ease

Create simple or complex multi-step workflows with ease. Code your own custom conditions or actions if needed. Testing is straightforward with our our dynamic, inline testing system.

Need to chat? AI & Humans available!

Get advice 24/7 from Mr. Arigato, our AI Chatbot. He can write Twig code, and guide you through even the most complex configuration. Would you rather talk with a human? No problem, our live support team is also available.  

This app is hands down the MOST IMPORTANT app that I have installed. It is hugely powerful, and can save an immense amount of time.
Persian Rug Gallery
I love this app so much! It's insanely useful for automating different parts of your shop in a straightforward manner.
Baby Doc
I tested out Arigato based on the positive reviews and I've achieved so much more than I initially thought was possible.
Naturally Healthy Pet
...if you get stuck they also have AI ready to assist you! Every business owner needs this app.
Sleek Spaces
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