Customer Account Fields

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Advanced customer profiles and registration 

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Great experience adding customer registration fields that can be compulsory or not, and disappear if needed.
Custom Registration Form

Replaces your account registration form with your own custom version. Creates a profile they can edit. Store hidden data about customers.

Fast Data Import & Export

Instant data exports, fast imports. Filter results before exporting. Integrates with Arigato Automation to handle any need.

Conditional Fields

Show and hide fields based on the answers to previous questions. Validate answers based on custom rules.

Unique Registration Forms

Not all of your customers are the same.

Use Customer Account Fields to collect different data from different types of customers. For example, show one set of fields to your wholesalers and another set of fields to retail customers. 

Be specific

Locate the right customer accounts.

Powerful search features allow you to filter customers based on the data you collect in the app. Export your filtered customer list for use in other apps and services.

Customer Editable Profiles

Empower your customers.

Allow your customers to maintain their own profiles, including their own passwords. Store hidden notes or other data points about customers that only your administrators can see.

Easy Installation & Form Preview

Preview the layout of your form in real-time. Drag and drop form fields to perfectly position the form elements to create your perfect form layout.

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Free version available
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