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Custom spreadsheets for your business, updated in real-time

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Real-Time Data & Bulk Exports

Bulk export, then update your Sheets in real-time as events happen in your store. No more stale data, no more waiting for huge exports.

2500+ Data Points

Send any data point you need, including metafields, line item properties, order notes, and many more.

Advanced Features

Change data using code, dynamic tab insertion, send nested subrows, filters, real-time preview, Test Center, token browser & code reference.

Prebuilt Workflow Templates

Get started with a few clicks. InstaSheets includes customizable spreadsheet templates for common scenarios

  • Orders (including individual line items)
  • Fulfillments
  • Products & Variants
  • Customers
  • & More!
Customize to Fine Tune

InstaSheets token system grants you access to thousands of data points. Customize the output further with your own custom code to create a hyper-focused spreadsheet tailored specific to your business's unique needs.

Dig Deep into Nested Data

Running your business smoothly requires instant access to the data that matters to you.

InstaSheet's unique system allows you access to send nested data. For example, you can save each line item for each order along with the order's details like customer information. 

Intuitive Setup

Use our spreadsheet-like editor to craft your perfect layout. Easily add and move columns, add nested data and select the data points you need. Choose a test item and use the real-time preview to see exactly how it would appear.

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